Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Bond

In life what we can't create
That bond, the after-life builds.
The jeers of life are blinding
Before it, even the strong wilts.

The heart does not always do what it is meant to do
The soul can't look into our eyes at times.
In this life it cannot be
Just for me and you.
In that life all comes to life.

Above us
Near us
With us
In us.
Those that life let go
Become more of us
Than the rest of us

Abandoned like a robe once worn
Now kept in a dusty place in a corner of the cupboard.
A lesser life every now and then
Would help lives from being torn.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shanta – The Sister

Eternal are some stories,That even time cannot decay.A father’s boon, A son’s duty,A wife’s service, A brother’s sacrifice.Of commitment that none could sway.
From heavens did they ascend,
Whose blood was indeed so pure.
Yet lies forgotten
A saga within the lore.
For there was a sister,
Away from it all.
A spectator ever so silent,
From the same blood at all?
A mind she must have had,
And if she had so what?
The epic has no place,
For what she felt or thought.
Given or not for adoption,
Married to a sage was she.
And that was her story,
Could she more important be?
Forgotten because it could be forgot,
Amidst the great truths that were told.
An identity left to rot,
The wise sometimes choose to live blindfold.
What happened next,
Was just as trivial.
A life went on and ended,
To the sages it was immaterial.
The sister of a God was she,
A blood so blue was hers.
Shanta was her name,
With not one but four mighty, righteous brothers.
And so it happens,
Even to this day.
The wise few decide who to pray,
And who to let slip away.
And we. We, the people,
Well, we just obey.

Friday, August 21, 2015

You silly old cow

Where are you off to
You silly old cow
You have a chain in your neck
That keeps chaining your step
Yet you walk on and on
As if in a daze
You silly old cow
Don’t you know
You have nowhere to go
And you won’t get anywhere
If you don’t know where you’re going
You silly old cow
Have you had anything to eat
Or you’ll manage just fine
Go wash up at least
You should have been in line
You silly old cow
Did you look at others
Aren’t they better off than you
You should have been more like them
Then you would have been better too
You silly old cow
Just walking on and on
Dragging that chain in your neck along
You silly old cow

“But. But I do have something to say
I’ll say it anyway”
“It won’t be that long
Before I break that chain”
“I broke it once before
When my walk began”
“I walk on to see
What part of the world is me”
“Confidence and poise
Well, I’ll let them be”
“I don’t know what
And I don’t know how”
“I guess that makes me
Your silly old cow”

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Sufferings bring you closer to God
So we all know.
Not God; but The God.
A chance, though dim,
is what if
It is this suffering
That He inflicts is
So that we don’t come too close to Him?

Sufferings are known
To have the powers
To change one’s course,
Neither by persuasion, nor by force.

Are we coming too close?
To Him? His plans? And Him?
What if
We know so much
That We reject Him and His plans.
Is this why the cruel command?
Is this why the Holocene Extinction?
Is this why We must end?

And till then
Closer to sufferings We remain
Than to Him.

When the night falls

It's a dim silence,
when your demons come smirking.
and you,
wounded by their laughter,
defeated by their love.
the ties that once made you swing,
today hang so limp.
what the so-called fighter
can do,
and you,
either too strong or too slave.
in the new light,
only you and your night it is,
and the Gods play naive.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

from it all

That day was a day
But what a day
I saw a bitch
Running from one end to another
And her pups running after her
Milk they wanted
Tired she was
So she wanted
Some time off
Time off
From duties, responsibilities
Just what we need
But don’t get
If only we could die a little
And then resume life
A little break
From it all
And then a plunge
Yet again
And again
Pity a cycle doesn’t end
Somewhere a circle
Must be needing a break
It doesn’t have to be endless
It suffocates the existence
A little away
A little death
And then back again
Fresh to life

Fresh with life

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Other Side

From a distance
what seems
like moon on a dark night.

Turns a 100 shades of new colours
each colour
a lash on black and white.

Dreams, hopes, smiles, strengths
set ablaze
but the story doesn't end here.

Anger, hurt, sadness, pride
burn bright
like dust settled in the eyes.

Two parallel worlds,
Two polar lives,
Two different minds.

Yet it's neither black nor white
mine, yours and theirs
dark other side.